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Using Rails Resolver Api
·392 words·2 mins
Yesterday at work, we decided to improve our user experience in web mobile. We decided it was time to create a different view for each action. In Rails 4 there is this really cool feature called Variants


Set up a simple deployment system with Heroku and Rails
·379 words·2 mins
heroku rails
Before deploying to production is always recommended to test everything first; you probably have a Test suit to test your application, but you never know what will happen when you deploy all changes to production.
Self-referential Associations in Rails
·273 words·2 mins
rails ruby associations
When I first heard about this concept, I needed clarification. I was reading Learn Rails by Example by Michael Hart The concept was too complex to understand by then, so I researched.
Delayed job, Heroku and sending an email with attachments
·465 words·3 mins
rails ruby heroku delayed_job
Rails make it extremely easy to send emails. I’m not going to explain how to do it; there are pretty good tutorials around the internet, this one is well explained: Action Mailer Basics.
Rails Postgresql Error ORDER clause
·135 words·1 min
rails postgresql
While working on a rails project recently, I stepped on an error that said: PG::Error: ERROR: column “number” must appear in the GROUP BY clause or be used in an aggregate function`,
Rails and select
·210 words·1 min
ruby rails
In a rails project I’m working on, I was trying to select from the database some sales with some conditions. Here is the Sale model: class Sale < ActiveRecord::Base belongs_to :voucher belongs_to :client has_many :line_items, dependent: :destroy has_many :bills end So the goal of the task was to obtain all the Sales where the LineItems has express_checkout set it to true.