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Set up a simple deployment system with Heroku and Rails
·379 words·2 mins
heroku rails
Before deploying to production is always recommended to test everything first; you probably have a Test suit to test your application, but you never know what will happen when you deploy all changes to production.
Restore PostgreSQL backup within Heroku
·138 words·1 min
heroku postgresql
Recently I was playing around with my local database in my Rails project deployed using Heroku. Eventually, I screwed up and had to delete all the data. I use rake db: reset and rake db:create`, but how would I populate the data again?
Delayed job, Heroku and sending an email with attachments
·465 words·3 mins
rails ruby heroku delayed_job
Rails make it extremely easy to send emails. I’m not going to explain how to do it; there are pretty good tutorials around the internet, this one is well explained: Action Mailer Basics.