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My Setup with rvm, gemsets and bundler
·564 words·3 mins
ruby rvm
It took me some time to figure out how to correctly set up every project I worked on, not that I work on tons of projects, but now that I have a better understanding of how it makes more sense.
React back to basics
·630 words·3 mins
React JavaScript
This post will not be another post describing React and what is good or wrong about it; I’m just learning it, and part of the learning process I decided to write a blog post to help me maintain this new concept.
Back from summer resolution
·197 words·1 min
After a long vacation, I came with a lot of energy and new goals for the new year. So I’m going to start making things right. Being a developer can be challenging, and you have to continuously update your knowledge and keep practicing even outside office hours.
Testing Comamnd-Line Applications with Aruba
·1035 words·5 mins
ruby cli test
In the last couple of weeks, I have been working on a project of my own. I always love Command Line Tools; I don’t know what they have, but using them makes me feel more like a Hacker or someone that knows what he is doing.


Testing rake tasks
·284 words·2 mins
rake ruby rspec
This post continues our work in Improving our rake tasks with OOP. In this one, we will discuss how to test our rake task; the example will be very straightforward. We will invoke the rake task and expect that some classes receive the correct arguments.
Improving our rake tasks with OOP
·684 words·4 mins
ruby rake
I have been writing some rake tasks for downloading backups, accessing APIs, or automating tedious and repetitive work. Rake tasks are great, but dangerous at the same time. We add so much code to our rake tasks that they become a source of errors.
Working your way up with promises
·540 words·3 mins
Lately, I have been working more with JavaScript. Initially, I wasn’t enthusiastic about working with JavaScript, but the project surprised me. For starters, it uses React and Redux for managing the state of the application.
Using Rails Resolver Api
·392 words·2 mins
Yesterday at work, we decided to improve our user experience in web mobile. We decided it was time to create a different view for each action. In Rails 4 there is this really cool feature called Variants


Set up a simple deployment system with Heroku and Rails
·379 words·2 mins
heroku rails
Before deploying to production is always recommended to test everything first; you probably have a Test suit to test your application, but you never know what will happen when you deploy all changes to production.
Self-referential Associations in Rails
·273 words·2 mins
rails ruby associations
When I first heard about this concept, I needed clarification. I was reading Learn Rails by Example by Michael Hart The concept was too complex to understand by then, so I researched.