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Gustavo Caso

Gustavo Caso

I’m a software engineer currently working @ Datadog bringing security awareness.

I’m based in Madrid 🇪🇦

I mostly write about ruby and stuff I find interesting. When I’m not at home you will find me 🧗⛰️🍻


RSpec. Beware of expensive calls
·563 words·3 mins
ruby rspec test
Rspec is an excellent testing framework for Ruby. It allows you to use a DSL to test your ruby code. Generally, on a test, we will need some configuration that might have to run before or after the test.
Writing a Ractor Base Job Scheduler
·878 words·5 mins
ruby concurrency
I was reading a fantastic article from my colleague Kir, and I could help myself to feel nerd snipped by: For those curious to try Ractor, I’d suggest to try implementing other things that benefit from parallel execution, for instance a background job processor.
Building a CLI chat app with go and WebSockets
·1841 words·9 mins
go WebSockets
With the current global situation and the need to stay home, I finished writing this post I started during the last Christmas holidays. I wanted to learn more about the WebSockets protocol during Christmas.
When open source has less benefits
·685 words·4 mins
ruby oss
Here at Shopify, I work as a Production Engineer on the Jobs team. Our mission is to maintain and improve the background job infrastructure for Shopify Core, one of the world’s most significant Ruby on Rails applications.
Migrating millions of Redis keys without downtime
·968 words·5 mins
ruby redis
Last year in September I joined the Job Patterns team at Shopify. The mission of the team is to provide a stable platform so that developers can write their background jobs to power one of the biggest e-commerce platforms in the world.